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Meet the team at VDW Construction

VDW Constructions (VDW) is a privately owned, Brisbane-based construction company with a credible reputation built on excellent standards of delivery across a range of residential projects.

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We focus on maintaining this reputation and dedication to the highest standards of delivery through the highest level of personal service, professionalism, quality of workmanship and commitment to construction industry standards and the environment.

We value and draw on a clear respect for tradition and experience, balanced with the innovation and creativity that marks us as a modern construction and development company.

VDW operates on the core belief that relationships are the most important thing we build. We value our long-standing partnerships with clients and subcontractors, and believe that project goals are best facilitated through collaboration and teamwork.

Our company structure reflects our conviction that harnessing the commitment and dedication of others is best achieved by the active, involved and enthusiastic participation of management at all stages of a project. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients and subcontractors can deal directly with the people whose name is on the wall – and also on the line. We concentrate not only on securing others’ work, but also their trust.

We have a proud track record of repeat contracts and referrals, and we are equally committed to continued improvement. We understand that such progress is best achieved by ongoing reflection on our current practice.

Consequently, we ensure these are the values we measure ourselves by. By ensuring they underpin our day-to-day operations, we also ensure they form the architecture of our longevity and success.